"What can there be in this world if not peace?"
Drasgar Emsworth, Lord of House Lanneros, Lord of the Silver Hand, and General of the Fourth Division, is a stalwart warrior of the Light that serves the Grand Alliance with justice and valor. His maxim is simple: to serve honorably and ensure the safety and success of his house and comrades.

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Born to Aaden and Lindara Emsworth roughly one year prior to the opening of the Dark Portal and the dawn of the First War, Drasgar lived his early years in the peaceful town of Lakeshire in the Redridge Mountains. When the orcs came to Redridge and laid siege to Lakeshire in his fourth year, Drasgar was taken by his mother to the island of Quel'dira, where he was taken in by Lord Kalanath Lanneros. Through his childhood, Drasgar lived as the, unknown to him, adoptive son of of Lord Lanneros, and under his guidance learned in the arts of combat, justice, and politics, to prepare him for when he became Lord of Quel'dira. Through this time, Drasgar's mother, whom he had no idea of being there, acted as a servant to Kalanath, and gave birth to a girl in Drasgar's thirteenth year; Drasgar eventually grew rather attracted to his unknown half-sister over the years. When Drasgar was seventeen, he traveled to Stormwind City, where he trained under the paladins of the Silver Hand for several years before being assigned to Uther the Lightbringer and Prince Arthas Menethil in Lordaeron. He served in the battle at Hearthglen, and left with the disbanded paladins of the Silver Hand prior to the Culling of Stratholme.

Following the Third War, Drasgar returned to Stormwind City and served there in the following years. Here, he met a Gilnean woman known as Skaitia Drakornai, and ended up getting into a love affair with her. When the Dark Portal was reopened at the Blasted Lands, Drasgar was assigned to lead his father's old military unit, the Fourth Division - which had initially hailed from Kul Tiras. Together they marched through the portal to the shattered Draenor, and from there marched to Honor Hold, where they were given a mission to Shattrath City. The Terokkar Expedition ended in a success, and along the way they encountered various arakkoa and demons; Drasgar also took this time to get to know the men in his new unit, especially Captain Padin Uriall, who had been Aaden's brother-in-arms, and now stood as almost an uncle figure to Drasgar.

After the war in Outland, Drasgar and the Fourth Division returned to Stormwind City, where they rested up until the Scourge attacked the city. The Fourth Division was called back into service, and Drasgar led them to Borean Tundra - very much saddening Skaitia. After serving about a month at Valiance Keep, the Fourth Division was dispatched to Dragonblight, where they established a camp at Coldwind Heights - near Angrathar the Wrathgate. Following the massacre at Angrathar, a Fourth Division party set out to look for survivors, although found none, save for a lone orc warrior that had barely escaped with his life - but was still on the verge of death. Drasgar decided to take the orc in, and at Coldwind Heights helped him regain his strength. He was introduced as Drakthor, and after a few days took a gryphon to Dalaran, although not before thanking them for their aid, despite their political differences. After his departure, their camp fell under attack by a Scourge force, which resulted in the death of Padin Uriall and a number of other soldiers, which greatly saddened Drasgar. The Fourth Division marched to Wintergarde Keep and garrisoned there whilst Drasgar traveled to Dalaran, where he met his half-sister Merlanda - whose true relationship neither knew of, still. In Dalaran, they spent a night together before Drasgar departed for Icecrown. There, Drasgar partook in the Argent Tournament, and later was assigned to lead an Alliance military force in combat against the Scourge near Sindragosa's Fall; this battle ended in a massacre on both sides, leaving Drasgar as one of the few survivors. After Drasgar's recovery, the Assault on Icecrown Citadel began, resulting in the death of the Lich King.

At some point following the Shattering, Drasgar sought out the aid of the night elf druid Dorondaer Fadrielad, to help heal an unknown sickness Skaitia acquired during her time in Gilneas after turning into a worgen. During the time that she was recovering, he found himself working alongside the SI:7 agent Alasadri Swiftblade to uncover a Twilight's Hammer conspiracy in and around Stormwind. This left Drasgar framed and interrogated by Alasadri, however the intervention of Mathias Shaw resulted in his freedom. After stopping a plot to assassinate a lord in Stormwind, Alasadri gained Drasgar's "forgiveness" for wrongly framing him. Later, Drasgar and the Fourth Division were stationed in the Twilight Highlands during the months prior to the Hour of Twilight, during which Drasgar was among those that fought aboard the Skyfire. When Pandaria was discovered, Drasgar and Skaitia were among the elite SI:7 sent to the Jade Forest. Following their initial mission, the two began wandering the forest and the Valley of the Four Winds, discovering Pandaria's secrets together. Eventually, in Kun-Lai Summit, they parted ways and Drasgar returned to the Alliance when the gates to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms were opened. Slowly, he came to realize that the Horde was not the true enemy of the Alliance, and that Garrosh Hellscream was, and so he worked with Vol'jin, as well as many others, to bring down Garrosh and his Kor'kron loyalists. Eventually, he and Skaitia participated in the Siege of Orgrimmar, and were later present at the orc's trial.

When forces of Azeroth traveled to an alternate Draenor, Drasgar was among those that participated in the Assault on the Dark Portal. During the encounter, he freed a draenei slave named Maielle, who began to admire him for saving her. Once Lunarfall was established in Shadowmoon Valley, he worked with her - who returned to the Rangari - for a couple months. At some point the two "bonded" at Moonwillow Peak. Afterwards, the two parted ways as Drasgar traveled to Talador and Maielle to Gorgrond; in Talador, Drasgar worked alongside Skaitia and the Fourth Division to free Shattrath City from orc occupation. The Fourth Division also went on an expedition to Nagrand, and eventually performed a skirmish on Highmaul. When the Assault on Tanaan Jungle came around, Drasgar and Skaitia were among those that participated in the various campaigns. After the defeat of Archimonde at the Black Gate, Drasgar remained on Draenor for a short time before returning to Quel'dira on Azeroth.

Following a series of political events leading to Drasgar's lordship, he was recalled to Stormwind City to participate in the Battle of the Broken Shore, during which King Varian Wrynn fell in battle. After this failure, Drasgar and the Fourth Division worked to defend Quel'dira before traveling to the Broken Isles with other Alliance forces to establish the Fourth Division Offensive in Stormheim. At some point, Drasgar confronted his half-sister, whom he now knew of, who attempted to conjure a storm of fel energy to destroy a nearby Horde encampment led by Drakthor; Drasgar was forced to stop her, resulting in her disappearance. After this encounter, Drasgar joined the Knights of the Silver Hand once more, and formed a leading triumvirate alongside Rakarus Brighttotem and Lyaria Silverdawn. Alongside them and the Fourth Division, Drasgar combated the Legion throughout the Broken Isles.

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