"I've always felt like I owe Azeroth, ever since I was rescued in Tanaan. That is why I am here, to pay my debt."

Maielle is a draenei female hunter that was born on the alternate universe Draenor about twenty-five years prior to the Iron Horde conquest of the world. During a spy mission in Gorgrond, Maielle was captured by orcs and transported to Tanaan Jungle, where she was forced into slavery for the following months. She was freed during the Assault on the Dark Portal, when heroes from another world arrived on Draenor to combat the Iron Horde; the human paladin Drasgar freed Maielle, and from that moment she felt she owed the man.

She escaped Tanaan with the remaining Azeroth forces, and traveled with those of the Alliance to Shadowmoon Valley, where she rejoined the Rangari. Maielle was then assigned to Lunarfall, where the Alliance had set up a garrison, and she would proceed to work with the Alliance. Through this time she also worked with Drasgar a lot, and grew rather attracted to the paladin. Eventually, he left Shadowmoon for Talador, and Maielle continued to work in Lunarfall, and frequently with the Rangari. After several months, Maielle left Lunarfall to join the Alliance forces in their assault on Tanaan Jungle, as well as rejoined Drasgar. After the defeat of Archimonde at the Black Gate, Maielle disappeared for some time, and presumably left the Rangari.

When the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth, Maielle reappeared and traveled to Dalaran, where she met with a night elven hunter, Emmarel Shadewarden, and was recruited into the Unseen Path. After being informed of a powerful bow known as Thas'dorah, Maielle hunted the weapon down, and with the aid of Vereesa Windrunner retrieved it. She then began working with the Unseen Path to protect the Broken Isles from the Legion, spending any free time she had hunting in Highmountain. At some point, Maielle encountered a felstalker while venturing through Stormheim, and managed to temporarily incapacitate it. Then, using a form of magic, she tamed the beast and used it as a mount.

Eventually, Maielle was called upon by Drasgar to participate in an assault on the Tomb of Sargeras alongside the Legion's Downfall, a unified force of Alliance and Horde members. However, the attack ended in a failure as they were betrayed by the goblin Kazaamo, resulting in the eventual death of Drasgar and grave wounding of the orc Drakthor. This greatly angered Maielle, who began scouring the Broken Isles in search of the traitor. She eventually found the goblin about a month later, and managed to kill him in the middle of his attack on the Fourth Division Offensive.