"Years of experience have given me clarity in the Light. I have seen my calling, and know that the Legion will fall beneath our might."

Rakarus Brighttotem is a tauren male paladin that was born about twenty-five years prior to the opening of the Dark Portal. He became a paladin at some point, and once the blood elves came into the Horde, he came into contact with Lyaria Silverdawn. He taught the blood elf in the Light, and eventually came to see her as a daughter figure.

When the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth for the third time, Rakarus and Lyaria joined the Order of the Silver Hand. Rakarus took up the weapons Truthguard and Oathseeker in Stormheim, and soon after met up with Highlord Drasgar Emsworth, whom would become a constant companion through the war. After months of combat, Drasgar was captured by the fel lord Naz'goroth, which prompted the Order of the Silver Hand to launch a rescue mission to Felsoul Hold. In the process, the fel corrupted human Merlanda Emsworth, the sister of Drasgar, interceded and attempted to kill them; however, Rakarus formed a barrier that covered the paladins' escape. While they were successful, Rakarus lost his life in the process, and his weapons were supposedly taken by Legion forces.