World of Warcraft: Legends of Azeroth is a novel series being written by Boomdodger on Google Docs. They are meant to act as references for several of the pages on this wiki, and further expand the story of some of its featured characters.

Novels Edit

Winds of Northrend Edit

Following the Battle of Stormwind City, Commander Drasgar Emsworth and the Fourth Division have been dispatched to the icy continent of Northrend to combat the Scourge threat. However, the paladin's feelings for his loved ones may prove an obstacle for him as their forces struggle to stand their ground across the unforgiving wasteland.

Meanwhile, the orc warrior known as Drakthor seeks only to serve the Horde faithfully and honorably, however the actions of his commander may disable any hopes of that. He believes that in the end he may have to choose between victory or death as they combat the Lich King's forces.

In the floating city of Dalaran, the young Merlanda Arynn wishes to become one of the greatest magi in history, but she feels that her love for Drasgar Emsworth may get in her way. But following an unexpected event, her heart changes feelings as she begins a new crusade.

A Shattered World Edit

Beyond the Veil Edit

Savage World Edit

Vengeance of the Burning Shadow Edit

The Legion's Fury Edit